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CRM (client relationship management) systems are at the heart of most customer driven businesses, but all businesses want to work slightly differently. Off the shelf CRM’s are great but you find yourself changing and creating processes around the system and not creating the system around you, your staff and processes. BSpoke IT create complete CRM’s from the ground up to your specification, whatever your requirements.

Web Applications

The term Web Application is a very vague term, but what does it mean? Generally speaking, it is a piece of web based software that can do almost anything you programme it to. It can be or do anything, from automating a process in Excel or an online booking system to a complex show management system or collaboration and communication portal.

Predictive Diallers and Call Centre solutions

BSpoke Contact with our development partners have used our many years of industry to create a truly unique contact centre solution. Our B Spoke Contact system will increase your productivity, reduce your management time and enable you to better comply with ever changing regulation. View the full site for more info.

Online Booking Systems

Our BSpoke online booking systems are tailored to your business. Whether you are a personal trainer, horse riding school, campsite or hotel, clients expect to be able to book your services online. Our booking systems can be integrated to any web site and have a full CRM system sitting behind it.


Our years of experience in running several different process driven businesses of different sectors make us best placed to advise and consult on how to streamline your processes to improve productivity. All businesses, even the very best, have areas that can be improved. We identify the areas where staff time is being taken that should be avoided, including duplication of data, repetitive excel based tasks and time consuming reporting. Staff time is the most costly part of most businesses; save time, save money.