We believe that an effective backup plan should be a part of your strategy

When was the last time you reviewed your off-site back up procedures? How quickly would your business be back up and running following a disastrous event such as fire, flood or theft?

Disaster often strikes when least expected and can take the form of theft or corruption of equipment or data, flood or fire damage. Consider the impact to your business in the event of significant failure and how quickly you could recover.

Minimise the risk of costly downtime and recover your data in minutes, let us make a qualitative assessment of your current IT capabilities and put together a recovery plan to make sure that your system is running reliably and effectively.

The loss of business data can, in some instances cost thousands of pounds in productivity and can mean massive disruption to you and your clients. If your business cannot function without continuing access to all its data and systems you need a disaster recovery system

Key features:

  • Automatic, scheduled back-up and recovery which maximises up-time
  • Regular heath checks
  • Feature rich with exceptionally high levels of security
  • We’ll work with you to make sure your organisation is protected, we can plan your Disaster Recovery Project, recommend a product, implement it and provide on-going support.

Why Choose Us?

Our team all have a strong customer service background and hold you in the highest regard;
If you want to know we want to help.

Having owned large companies we know better than most the effect that ongoing issues with IT has on your team moral;
We won’t let it get them down.

A managed IT support contract takes the headache from you. Questions, problems and mundane tasks are our pleasure;
Let us take it away.

Everything we do at B Spoke IT Solutions revolves around our outstanding values;
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