Software designed and built for your business

Your business is as unique as the people that make it. Your ideas, processes and ambitions are what differentiate you from your competition so it makes sense to strengthen your business with equally unique, B Spoke software.

For us B Spoke software means creating a finely handcrafted experience built to the specification of the people who will use it. We will take the time to fully understand the task, thinking outside the box to make sure the end result surpasses your expectations.

B Spoke software does not need to cost the earth, most of what clients ask for we have already created. We just need to make the changes specific to your business to make it work most effectively. In some cases you can spread some the development cost through an agreed monthly support contract.

If you have a question about software development like “can I” then we can. Give us a call for a chat about what you want to do and get the answer you want, “we can”. Our project manager has worked on a wide range of jobs from simple database imports to full Client Relationship Management systems, from post archiving utility’s to wallboards for sales teams and online booking systems for any website. Whatever you want we can get it done with the least cost possible.

B Spoke and built to your exact requirements our applications will solve your problems like no off-the-shelf package resulting in improved efficiency, less supervision and fewer errors through automation of tasks.

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We design our systems to work around you, not teach you how to work around a system already built for someone else. Who knows your business best;

Systems should be engaging, easy and intuitive for the user. All our systems are build with the user in mind;
We use them to

B Spoke solution’s built to the needs of the people who will use it. What ever you need;
We can

Implementation of software to automate any task saves time and therefore money giving your team more time to spend where it really matters;
Your customers

Making a client journey more enjoyable or faster makes for improved conversion. If your client had a good journey with your business they are more likely to come back;
You earnt it

Automation of tasks not only saves time and money but eliminates human error. It is very easy to hit the wrong key or forget to do something but if one of our systems is doing it for you it can't forget;
We're accurate

Our solutions can be branded with your colours, logos and any other company branding to give that wow factor at a small cost;
Looking good