IT by people who know business

Our team are all from commercial backgrounds having owned and ran large businesses heavily reliant on IT and software development. We understand better than most the frustration and loss of productivity caused by even a small IT issue. With our B Spoke proactive monitoring software our aim is to ensure each business is 100% functional at all times with the right infrastructure in place to meet your company’s needs and support growth.

Our team are approachable and are straight talking, no technical jargon just conversations we can all relate to. Your business is at the heart of ours and we deal with every call, question or problem with that at the forefront of our mind. We are here to solve your problems not give you more.

Our B Spoke Software Development team can create a tailored solution to fit any of your needs, from online booking forms to electronic post rooms and client relationship management (CRM) programs. We strive to increase your productivity with our user friendly applications. Whatever it is, if you are asking yourself “can I” then we can.

Disaster isn’t a word we like to hear, with our B Spoke disaster recover solution tailored to you it’s not something you will hear from us. Depending on your chosen solution in the event or a server going down you could be up and running in 15 minutes with almost no data loss. Disaster isn’t a word we like to hear either but when it does strike we have a high spec server ready to go out the door. From our centrally located office in Truro, Cornwall there is nowhere in Cornwall or Plymouth we can’t be in an hour.

Our support package is fully inclusive. No more conversations about work being chargeable, if it’s broke and is covered by our support package we fix it. Even if we believe the problem is with software we don’t support like your Client Relation Management software (CRM), we will work with you and the provider to get the problem resolved. Why would a company work in any other way?

Call us now for a chat or pop in for a coffee. 01872 672444

Why Choose Us?

Our support package and proactive monitoring enables us to deal with potential problems before they happen. In most cases you will only know about them;
Why should you?

Quicker PC’s, optimised servers, reliable networks and our B Spoke software makes for a more productive team;
We keep it that way.

In the event of you needing us on site, based in Truro we can be anywhere in Cornwall and Plymouth within an hour;
There when you need us.

Our monthly support contract includes unlimited phone and onsite support. We won’t rest until you are fully operational no matter how small the problem;
We are relentless.

Our team all have a strong customer service background and hold you in the highest regard;
If you want to know we want to help.

Having owned large companies we know better than most the effect that ongoing issues with IT has on your team moral;
We won’t let it get them down.

A managed IT support contract takes the headache from you. Questions, problems and mundane tasks are our pleasure;
Let us take it away.

Everything we do at B Spoke IT Solutions revolves around our outstanding values;
Check out our values.

Not condescending or undermining just straight talking without the jargon;

Your business is at the heart of ours. Our team treats your business as if it were ours;
We care.